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Types of Catalogues

On this section we will describe two types of catalogues: product catalogues and service catalogues. We have already explained (...)

Catalogue Parts

Catalogues have three parts: the front cover, the content and the back cover. Each part has slightly different functions (...)

Types of Electronic Catalogues

There are three groups of e-catalogues: unique, e-malls and incrusted. Each one has different features that we will describe (...)

What is a Catalogue?

A catalogue is an entrepreneurial advertisement which is created in order to promote a company’s products and services. (...)

Catalogue Audience and Target

The way a catalogue is written must be tailored to the addressee characteristics. The wording must be adapted not only (...)

Catalogue Importance

The main objective of a catalogue is to promote the products and services offered by your company. A catalogue layout (...)

Visual Coherence in a Catalogue

When the process of designing a new catalogue gets started, it must be taken into account that this graphic piece is not (...)

Catalogue Paper Stock

As said before, a catalogue is mainly visual. However, it has also another characteristic which can be skillfully used: (...)

Electronic Catalogues

e-catalogues are electronic catalogues. They are used either to be presented on a website or to be sent by e-mail. This (...)

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