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The aim of is to provide you with all the necessary information about catalogues design. Our objective is to help you develop a catalogue design for your company by providing you with information and tips which will make your work more enjoyable and efficient. We will try to make you save, as much as possible, time, money and common mistakes that are usually made out of ignorance more than inability. All the information offered at this site is strictly related to the part of the design work which concerns the company that requires a catalogue, and not to the part of the work which will be done by the designers hired by the company. The objective of this information is to keep you informed about what a catalogue design process involves. A company may perfectly get a catalogue done without knowing the design aspects detailed at this site. However, we believe that a much better work, in less time and with fewer mistakes, can be done if the company that requires this graphic piece becomes well informed about the whole process of a correct and well-finished catalogue design, instead of leaving everything in the designer’s hands. We don’t think the designer won’t be able to develop the whole process, not at all; but we are certain that if the company learns about the development of the design project, it will be able to acquire a more accurate product and, therefore, it will save time and money and will also avoid many frequent misunderstandings between the designer and the company.

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At you will find the catalogue fundamental aspects, the most efficient way to design it so that it may be welcome by the audience, the different types of catalogues and their common uses, the proper paper used in every case and the information regarding e-catalogues.

The information provided at this site is aimed at helping you choose the correct catalogue for your company, but it definitely won’t replace the work carried out by the designer, team of designers or the corporate image designer company you firm may hire to develop a catalogue.

We hope you will find helpful information here. welcomes you and invites you to surf this website.

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